Monday, February 11, 2013

Unity is the Key to Establishing Greater Israel

Our Israelite ancestors of the bible had no idea how God would get them to the Promised Land.  They had a human messiah in Moses who was God’s spokesman and they followed the presence of God as He led them through the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land.  The presence of God and his spokesman Moses worked in tandem to lead the Israelites since God spoke to Moses face to face (i.e. mind to mind).  They knew that they were leaving slavery and heading for freedom where they could serve the Almighty as He directed.  How they got to their destination was up to God.  All they had to do was obediently follow Him.

All the tribes of Israel along with a mixed multitude of non-Israelites left Egypt.  As with any group of people, there were differences among the families and tribes.  Differences and even arguments over who was God’s anointed leader.  They had to work through those differences.  It was only by connecting with God to seek His truth, could they discern things.  Their focus had to be first and foremost on the Almighty.  If they focused on people and/or the circumstances they faced, they would quickly loose the vision of the promise that God was trying to instill in them.  It was their love for God and the vision He had established in their hearts and minds that kept them going in the correct direction even with all their differences and disagreements.

Today our vision is for God to establish His kingdom on earth again with His Messiah and bring everlasting peace with His presence.  This is the same vision that our ancestors had in Moses’ time.  The key to making this vision a reality is love and unity.  As a father, I see all my children on their own spiritual paths.  They are all learning and are at different stages in their learning.  What I desire is for them to always question and seek truth.  I also desire that they not argue over perceived differences in that truth.  I want them to treat each other with respect and discuss their differences with openness and love.  Only by doing that will the family unity be maintained and the bonds of love strengthened as they continue on their individual paths.  Ultimately, love and truth are the outcomes of this process.  I believe that God desires the same for us as His children.  Our heads are filled with delusions and lies that are fruitless to argue over.  God wants us to love Him and each other as we walk our individual paths together toward Him and truth.  If we love God with all our hearts, there can be no room to hate our brothers.  If we hate our bothers, one can only conclude that we do not love God with all our hearts.  Reconciliation and return of all the tribes of Israel to restore the Kingdom of God depends on our love for God and for our brothers and sisters.  God’s true people are identified by His love.

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