Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Greatest Obstacle between Christians and Jews

Currently the Christian messiah is the greatest stumbling block between the Christians and Jews.  The Christians worship their messiah as a deity, the physical extension of God which to the Jews is idol worship and abhorrent.  When Messiah ben David comes at the end of days, the question will finally be answered.  For the both Christians and Jews believe that Messiah ben David will be the incarnation of the Angel of the Lord with God’s name in him.

In the Bible, there are several examples of a messiah saving all of Israel.  One is in the story of Joseph.   Joseph was sold into Egyptian slavery by his jealous brothers.  He was lost from his family and assumed to be dead.  He was falsely accused and suffered in prison.  In the end, he was eventually elevated to godhood in the Egyptian society.  He became Egyptian to the point that when his family came down to Egypt during the famine they did not recognize him and they surely didn’t believe that he was a god since they believed in only one god in contrast to the Egyptians.  In the end Joseph revealed himself not as a god but as their brother and savior who was sent ahead to deliver them.  He was exiled and deified by the Egyptian world and then reclaimed by his family when he revealed himself to them with love.

Another example in the Bible is the story of Moses who was also raised in the Egyptian society.  Moses left Egypt and went into the wilderness of Median for many years where he tended sheep and married his wife.  He returned to Egypt at the direction of God to free his brethren the Israelites.  Moses appeared to them as a foreigner and the Israelites questioned his leadership even though it was confirmed by God.

When the messiah comes, he may follow the examples of Joseph and Moses and appear foreign to the Jews.  He would reveal himself to his brethren as Joseph and Moses did.  When they recognize him they will welcome him back to their family whether it is his first or second appearance.  However, if it is his first appearance, Christians will have their eyes opened and they will exclaim that they have been told lies.  The drama is about to unfold.  I know I have my opinion, but I want to be open to absolute truth as it is revealed to us.  The end result will be God’s plan in establishing the Restored Kingdom of the entire House of Israel (Joes and Jews).  May it be here speedily in our days!

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