Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Zombie Apocalypse is here!

I am not sure when they arrived.  I don’t know how they got here.  But they are everywhere.  They are in our churches, in our synagogues, in our stores, in the movie theaters, and at the places we work.  Some have tattoos all over their body.  Some have grotesque body piercings.  Most wear clothes just like you and me, but all of them have that blank, empty stare when you talk to them.  Their minds are empty of truth and they lack the capacity to think.  You can identify them by their hatred of God and God’s people, both Christians and Jews.  At political rallies you can hear them chanting, chanting soft and low:  “O_bam_a, O_bam_a, O_bam_a”.

When I am among them, I am gripped by fear.  They refuse to listen to the facts and truth.  They don’t think logically.  They live in a delusional world where thinking is not required.  All they need do is follow their leader and repeat his slogans and talking points.  They are convinced that guns are evil instead of the people using them.  They ignore the debt problem and urge the government to spend our way to prosperity creating more debt.  They believe in a government that controls all aspects of our life and attempts to take care of our needs even though government agencies are filled with inefficiencies.  They want to punish successful people in our country not realizing that that punishment will hit them if they ever become successful and make money.

How did they become Zombies?  Did they drink too much water with fluoride?  Were they brainwashed by their parents, teachers, movies, and the media?  Did evil just overtake them and fill them with hate to the point that they are blinded to the truth?  The answer to these questions is a resounding yes, but that is not the root cause for zombies.

The main reason they became zombies is because of self-centeredness and materialism.  It is classic narcissism at its worst.  Zombies are so focused on themselves and what they want that they don’t consider the other people all around.  Their only hope is within their own choices.  They need to diminish their self love and increase love for God and others.  That is the only cure for zombies.  As long as they stay focused on self-gratification, they will continue to be zombies.

God’s people are losing the culture war to the zombies.  You can’t fight them with ideas and truth as their delusional world will not allow them to listen.  All we can do is love them as fellow humans and hope and pray that God awakens them out of their slumber and delusion.  It rarely happens, but it can.  Psychologists will tell you that their own self-delusions prevent them from seeing truth even though It is truth and love that can set them free.  In the end when the messiah comes to establish God’s kingdom, the zombies still clinging to themselves and this material world will disappear with the material as it is replaced by the heavenly dimensions (which is the real world).

If you are one of the zombies, wake up!  If you are among God’s people, wake up to the war that is going on all around.  It is the zombie apocalypse!  The war will only be over with the victory of the messiah!

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