Sunday, February 17, 2013

The multi-dimensional nature of man

According to Kabbalah Rabbis, the creation story is given by God in simple language for us to understand the general concept of the fall of man.  Rabbis such as Rabbi Ariel bar Tzakok teach information that has been passed down for thousands of years that gives understanding and detail to the narrative of the Bible.  When God created man out of the elements (dirt), we were beings of light that vibrated at faster than light speeds similar to the angels.  We were created to tend the garden or vortex between all the dimensions that God had created.  As such we could move between the many vortices.  When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil they experienced “tasted” the first 4 dimensions.  This slowed down the vibrations of their faster than light and they fell through the vortex to earth.  They were trapped in a 4 dimensional world without physical bodies which vastly limited their ability to function in this slow vibrating realm.

The mistake they made was disobeying God who knew that if they experienced the lower dimensions before being properly connected and tethered and connected to Him prior to experiencing the lower dimensions, they would end up trapped there.  Had they connected to God be experiencing (eating) from the tree of Life first before lower dimensions, they would not have become trapped there.

So God killed animals and clothed them with their skins.  When you think about that act, what did God actually do?  Adam and Eve were spirits with souls that had fallen to the lower dimensions of God’s creation where they lacked physical bodies, so God took animal bodies already here and clothed their soul and spirit with them.  In that way we had the tools to function better in these dimensions.  The downside to this was that we became a being with two natures.  Our soul consisted of spirit from the higher dimensions while the body God clothed us with was an animal body with an animal nature.  This animal nature was needed for survival in the hostile lower dimensions.  The two natures constantly struggle against each other.  The higher self strives for doing what is right and good while the animal body strives to satisfy physical needs.  Those who successfully deal with this struggle become more spiritual, service minding humans desiring to serve God and fellow man while those that allow the physical animal to dominate become just that – animals.

To help us with this spiritual struggle and provide a path to success, God gave us his Word on Mt. Sinai.  He gave us the Torah through his chosen people the Israelites.  It was direct revelation from God to man to provide a lifeline and connect us back to the tree of life.  Both Christians and Jews believe this and have discussed the theological implications for thousands of years.  Christians also believe that their messiah came and lived a perfect Torah life to fulfill all of God’s commands to show the way for unbelievers to connect back to God’s word and God.  So as we struggle with the battles between our spirits and our physical bodies, we will lose and drown unless with grab tightly to the life preserver that God has so graciously provided in His Holy Word!

In the near future, God will send His messiah to restore things.  The messiah will teach truth and rule with justice.  God will merge all of the dimensions and judge all of creation.  Those connected to truth and God will again become beings of light to commune with God in the higher dimensions!  Stayed tuned, He is coming!

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