Monday, February 12, 2024

Here is my new book in the Anamchara series.

After accidentally falling through an interdimensional portal, Eli and Desiree find themselves atop a snowy precipice surrounded by glowing orbs - light orbs.  Except one was different.  Without warning, the couple find themselves separated by a dark orb, flying between them at lightning speeds before veering sharply to the left and disappearing into blackness.  Escaping back into the physical dimension as suddenly as it came.  This orb was no ordinary occurrence, it was the evil ruler named King Magni that Eli and Desiree had recently killed.  Will the couple find a way to return to the physical dimension and find the escaped orb or will they forever stay in the realm of orbs?  This was not their idea of rest and relaxation.


Saturday, September 11, 2021

Anamchara: The Power Broken


After the great battle concluded, those that knew Eli and Desiree assumed that they had been killed when their flying ship broke into pieces and disappeared into the ocean depths.  But somehow they were transported back to the realm of King Magni through a portal.  After being welcome by King Magni, the couple decide to take some time and relax in Magni's kingdom.  However, their rest is brief as Magni sends Eli and Desiree off world to two different planets on urgent missions.  Eli is tasked with rescuing Magni's mother from being imprisoned by Magni's half-brother Modi.  Desiree is assigned to return to active duty with the earth forces embroiled in a civil war among the Martians.  Soon they discover things are not what they appear to be and they question who can be trusted and even question if they can trust one another?  Will their bond be broken or will their love be strong enough to survive the trials that they confront?  The fate of three worlds hinges on the outcome.

Friday, January 29, 2021

The Gatekeeper of Seven Gates

Long ago there was a man, a simple man.  He had lived his life well.  His goal had always been to treat others right and view things from the perspectives of those that he encountered.  He sought to understand the illusion that he lived in.  The man heard of a wise rabbi that lived in a far away land.  To get to the rabbi, the man had to cross a vast desert of brush and sand.  

One day the man set out across the desert in search of the wise rabbi.  A fierce wind storm came upon the man when he was in the middle of the desert.  The man wrapped a black cloth over his face to protect his eyes from the biting sand particles that pelted his face.  The fabric was just thin enough that the man could barely see through the veil.

Day after day the man trudged through the desert in the fierce wind and relentless pelting sand.  One day the wind stopped, but the man had been so accustomed to the black cloth on his face that he did not even think to remove it so that he could see better, until the man saw a dark figure moving towards him.  The man could not tell who or what the figure moving towards him was?  So the man reached up and pulled the black cloth down across his nose to rest around his neck.

The figure approaching him was an older man in his 60s wearing a hooded, black cloak.  The older man spoke.  "Ah, it is you.  I knew that you were coming.  Come and sit with me.  I have something to reveal to you."

"Are you the rabbi that I seek?"  The man asked the man that spoke.

"Indeed I am.  Now come and sit on this flat rock so that I may show you who you really are."  The rabbi replied.

The man sat on the flat boulder that the rabbi had motioned for him to sit upon.  Then the rabbi pointed to a larger boulder to the man's right.  "Turn to read the rock on your right side."  The rabbi instructed.

The man scooted on the flat rock to face a boulder twice his height.  The side facing him was flat and had ancient petroglyphs carved into its' surface that were of a foreign tongue.

"What is that writing?"  The man asked the rabbi.

"It is who you are."  The rabbi replied.  "You are the Gatekeeper of the Seven Gates of Babylon.  You are the king of Babylon, one who is called Hammurabi."

"Not so.  Hammurabi lived ages ago."  The man replied.  "I am a nobody.  I have tried to live my life as best as I can and treat others right, but I am no king."

"Once a king, always a king, even though you played different roles in many different life times.  It is time for you to arise and be king again.  Go within yourself and seek the truth.  You will find it there.  The kingdom that you will be king of is within you.  Now, take your throne and rule.  Above all, use what you have learned and be a wise king."

The rabbi smiled and then vanished leaving the man sitting on the flat rock to ponder his words. Could it be that the illusion that the man lived in was his own illusion and that he was really the king who could control it?  Maybe it was time to find out?

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Covid19 and the Eye of the Storm

We are co-creators of this reality with the One Creator.  The world has become so polarized between Love and Hate, Conservative and Liberal, Blessings and Curses, Heaven and Hell; that our current reality is literally fracturing into two time lines.  We are witnessing a separation into two very different realities.  Those filled with hate have chosen to stay behind in the current downward spiraling 3-dimensional reality.  Their hate is demonstrated by the self-destructive decisions they make and support for our country and humanity.  For example, why would anyone make it illegal to treat Covid19 patients with anti-malaria drugs when there is evidence that it may help?  Yet several States (Michigan and Nevada) have done just that.  Because of their desire for self-destruction, many on the internet conspiracy forums actually want doom and desire to be trapped in this hell. They are very easily spotted by the negativity of their behavior.  They name call, denigrate, use profanity, promote lies and fear to draw others into their Hellish reality. 

At the same time, those filled with love are finding it more and more difficult to function in the current reality so filled with hate and animosity.  They offer facts and advice out of love and are met with the hateful behavior of their polar opposites.

The Creator is one. He is throughout everything and everyone in the universe. He sustains all. Those that are selfish and hateful separate themselves from His love and become self-destructive because they hate both the Creator and themselves. Those that are filled with love become more unified with the One and His creation. They do His will and bring his love into this reality. They go within and find His oneness and His love always.

The chosen reality we enter is up to each individual.  Will you reject fear and hate to choose love and unity for your spiritual evolution?  Or will your current enjoyment of fear and hate keep you imprisoned in your current reality?

There was information posted on the forum called godlikeproductions which was applicable to the decisions each of us are facing during these difficult times.  Whether it is actually channeled information or not is irrelevant as the information itself is what is most relevant to think about.  The following December 2019 transmission from the channel Bashar who emphasized the importance for us to remain in the eye of the storm, and also emphasized what a pivotal year this would be and that we are crossing a threshold. Here's a quote from the session:

“What’s coming up is very important, in terms of your timing. We have said, that your year of 2020 is a pivotal point in what you call your history. You are shifting through a very particular moment. Crossing a very particular threshold. And so, at this timing, it is important for certain states of being to be paramount within you - to help you through this time – to help you cross that threshold – in a positive and constructive manner. For what comes after, will be predicated very strongly on what you do and who you are in 2020 … we would like each and every one of you to know how important it is for you to truly be yourselves in the coming year. How important it will be for you to make decisions that are in alignment with your best discernment. How important it will be and how important it is for you to remain at the center of the storm. Because, if I may use some of your colloquial language, 2020 is going to be NUTS. It’s going to be crazy. And it is of paramount importance that you remain, if you wish to be on a certain train, in the eye of the storm where it’s calm. Where peace and solitude reign. Where even though you may see the storm raging all around you, swirling around you, thundering and lightening all around you, it is more important than ever before, and more important than it will be for quite a long time, during this crossing, during this threshold, during this pivotal year, to be at peace within yourself, to be calm within yourself, to be centered within the eye of the storm ...”

So, choose wisely, choose love and oneness with the Creator.  Manifest Heaven.  A world without evil.  A world without sickness and death.  A world full of possibilities.  A world of freedom!

Sunday, September 30, 2018


New Science Fiction Book!

I just published a brand new science fiction book on Amazon!  My editor said that it was my best story yet!  Here is a brief synopsis of the book:

After ten years in the Air Force which included a tour in Iraq, Eli returns to civilian life in search of a computer programming position. His first interview and job offer are with Galaxy Mining Company based in Houston, Texas. He he was hired for his linguistic and military skills. On his first day at work he is stunned when he descends in an elevator on his way to the company’s underground facility and is transported off world to Mozen where he is tasked with communicating with the native inhabitants to learn how to operate their advanced technology. He soon discovers that Galaxy mining company is working with the United States military to acquire and use the alien technology. When all out war erupts, he is reluctantly thrust back into a military role in the battle for the planet and its resources. Sergeant Desiree Carter, Private Skidder, and two aliens named Remee and Farcee join Eli in his struggle to rid the planet of a tyrant King Badok to free the Mozen inhabitants. Will Eli and his new friends defeat King Badok to end the war? Will the alien technology be good for humans or should it stay with the Mozen? Who should rule Mozen, the newly arrived humans or the Mozen?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Beyond the Grave

In the past couple of years I did some investigations into near death experiences by reading three books that told near death experience stories.  The books were 1) Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo; 2) Visions of Glory as told by John Pontius; and 3) Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D.  I would highly recommended all three books to see the common threads of the experiences from that of a little boy who died, to a Mormon, to an agnostic neurosurgeon.  The only real differences in the three stories were the theological perspective of the stories being told.

In Heaven is for Real, the little boy saw heaven as reflected by the theology of his evangelical-pastor father.  In Visions of Glory the stories and visions reflect the Mormon theology.  The story teller sees other righteous people in heaven who had not been Mormon, but assumes that they must have converted to Mormonism at some point in order to be in heaven.  Both the little boy and the Mormon see Jesus in their near death experience.  In Proof of Heaven, the neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander, experiences heaven without memories due to his damaged cerebral cortex.  In contrast to the little boy and the Mormon he does not see Jesus.  He sees only God who is energy emanating pure love from a concentrated source at the center of heaven.  The notion that God is pure love seems universal in all of these near death experiences.

After reading these books, I read a fourth book titled Heaven and Hell by Emanuel Swedenborg.  According to Wikipedia, Emanuel Swedenborg was born on 29 January 1688 and died 29 March 1772.  He was a Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian, revelator, and mystic who is best known for his book on the afterlife, Heaven and Hell published in 1758.  In this book on the afterlife, Swedenborg saw different religious communities in heaven, but all within the community were good people filled with love.  Even though their theology was incorrect, they were in heaven because love connected them to God and others.  Angels were in the community instructing them in the truth.  There was even a Muslim community of loving people who were told that they had followed a false prophet, but were good people and had God’s love within themselves.

In Swedenborg’s book, God’s light was concentrated in the center of heaven and the further from the source of light the darker it appeared.  There were many people on the outskirts of heaven where it was quite dark.  These souls were self-centered, hateful ones that refused to learn and move towards God’s love, light and truth.  They preferred to bicker and fight with each other.  Interestingly, angels were present in their midst trying to instruct them in the truth, but they seemed blind and deaf to the angels presence because of their self-love.  A soul’s position in heaven seemed to be determined by the level of self-love of the soul with those souls with the most self-love in the furthest, darkest reaches of heaven.  A place that they had put themselves in by their choice to love themselves above God and others.  In essence they had voluntarily separated themselves from God and created their own hell and were surrounded by other souls filled with self-love with which they quarreled, each soul seeking to establish themselves above the others.

Near death experiences of today seem to support Swedenborg’s view of heaven where God is pure love and those filled with love are in communities in heaven that reflect their particular religious views.  We are all on different spiritual paths that reflect our religious beliefs and myths.  We are all on a path of learning and seeking spiritual truth.  The key to staying on the path and progressing is in the amount of God’s love that we channel through us.  For we are all connected to the source of life itself (God) and have free choice to allow his love to flow through us to be a blessing to this world and those around us.  We all comprise the physical body of our Creator, if we choose to be filled with God’s love and implement God’s will.  So, be the best part of God’s physical body that he created you to be!  If you were created to be a teacher, be the best teacher you can be.  If you were created to be a cook, be the best cook you can be.

Humans were created as composite beings, both physical and spiritual.  By choosing selfless love over selfish love, we are choosing to emphasize our spiritual nature and rise above our animal nature.  Choose to be a human and not an animal.  Be the best human you can possibly be and fulfill the tasks that the Creator has designed you for.

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Buffalo Encounter at Yellowstone National Park July 2016

Buffalo at Mammoth Hot Springs YNP
Photo credit L.M. Hoskins

I was traveling on my way to a fish and wildlife meeting in Cody, Wyoming from Ogden Utah.  Since there is no direct driving route to Cody, I decided to take the scenic route through Yellowstone National Park.  As fate would have it, I hit road construction south of Island Park, Idaho on highway 20 on my way to West Yellowstone.  I sat in the sweltering 90 plus degree heat for over an hour before resuming to the west entrance of the park.  It was already late in the afternoon by the time I paid my $ 30 entrance fee to travel through the park to Cody.  Not too many miles into the park I encountered more road construction signs so decided to avoid additional road construction by taking the northern loop to Mammoth Hot Springs and then swinging back to the south to Fishing Bridge to exit out of the east entrance to Cody.

It was near 7 pm when I came to a major tourist traffic jam at Mammoth Hot Springs.  There was a heard of elk milling along the road and I could see a cow and calf just standing right in the middle of the road holding up the traffic flow.  Instead of waiting in another long string of cars, I clicked my blinker on, pulled onto the right should for about a hundred feet and entered the Mammoth Hot Springs parking lot where I parked my Toyota 4Runner.

Instead of waiting in my car, I exited to walk the wooden walkway around the springs to enjoy my time waiting.  I hiked up the winding boardwalk admiring the springs and travertine deposits along the steep path until I began descending down the walk on the south side of a small hill.  A young married couple with two small children hurried up the trail towards me.

“Be careful, there is a buffalo lying next to a juniper tree near the trail just below here.”  The man cautioned me.

“Alright.”  I replied.  “Thanks for the warning!”

I slowed my brisk pace and peered down the wooden walkway as I went.  When I came around the next major curve in the trail, I spotted the buffalo bedded down by the juniper tree.  However, it wasn’t a big buffalo, it was a calf that was just a few months old.  It looked straight at me and tilted its’ head at a slight angle and grunted.  I stared back at it as our eyes made contact.  Suddenly, it was like we were connected in some mystical way.

In my mind I heard the buffalo talk as it rose to stand up.  “Would you scratch behind my ear?”
My jaw dropped down as I continued to stare into the buffalo’s eyes.  “How is it that I can understand you?”  I blurted out.

“You are Cherokee are you not?”  The calf answered.

“Well.”  I stammered.  “I am really an American mutt.  I am mostly Scotch-Irish, but my maternal great-grandmother was part Cherokee I think.  How did you know?”

“I had a dream that told me.”  The calf answered back and then nodded his head in the direction of my shirt.  “In my dream I saw a watcher with a trout on his shirt just like yours.  The Creator told me that he would help me.”

“Did you just call me a watcher?”  I asked.

“Yes, here in this place there are many watchers that do silly things.  Some get too close to the herd and we stomp them and gore them.  But just north of here is an invisible barrier where the silly watchers turn into watchers that kill us and eat us.  Somehow the watchers on the other side of the barrier turn into predators like wolves and bears and don’t do silly things.”  The buffalo explained.

“Well, if you call us watchers, what do you call yourselves?”  I inquired of him.

He tilted his head slightly more.  “We call ourselves something that translates to ‘Beings with the thundering hooves.  The Cherokee called us Yansi.  Years later the horse riders called us buffalo.  Nowadays the watchers call us bison.  I think I like the name of buffalo the best of what we are called by the watchers.”

The buffalo started slowly walking towards me again.  “Would you please scratch behind my ear?  A bug must be in there.”

I held out my hand and started backing away from him.  “Stop!”  I insisted.  “I cannot help you.  My smell will get on you and your herd will kick you out and abandon you!”

The buffalo stopped walking and dropped its’ head.  “It is too late.  I have already been kicked out of the heard and have to fend for myself.”

“How did that happen?”  I probed.

The calf let out a big sigh as he began telling his story.  “Earlier this year when I was born I heard a story of a great wildlife biologist named Yohanan that encountered the herd years ago.  He was traveling through the park and was admiring our herd while talking on his phone.  One of the elder cows overheard him say that he worked for predator control.  So she waited until he was done talking on his phone before slowly approaching him.  As she approached, she did everything she could to mentally connect with him and luckily he was open to her thoughts.  Within a short time they were communicating very well.  In exchange for key inside information on wolves, bears, and sage grouse, Yohanan agreed to control more of the predators attacking the heard.  Yohanan became a hero and legend among the buffalo.  So when he traveled through the park a few days ago, the old cow yelled out, “There he is!  It is Yohanan our hero!”  It was at that point that I made my fatal mistake.  I immediately ran to meet this wonderful wildlife biologist.  I ran right up to him and asked him to scratch me behind my ear as I had a bug in it that day as well.  He reached out and scratched it as I had requested while I stared at him in admiration.  A true living legend he was.”
“That sounds like a good story.”  I answered the buffalo calf.

“No, not for me.  For when I tried to return to my herd they exiled me because I smelled like a watcher.  I pleaded with my mother that it was Yohanan’s smell, but she said it did not matter.  The rule of the herd was supreme.  My path was sealed as an outcast even though it was a foolish mistake out of ignorance.”  The calf painfully explained.

“Well, I cannot help you.  Even though I am a biologist, I am a fish biologist.  And my supervisor gave me clear instructions not to pick up any baby bison when I traveled through the park to the meeting.  So I simply cannot help.”  I said defensively.

“Oh no!”  The calf retorted back.  “I know you cannot take me and help me.  I would not fit into your car and I cannot ride on top.  But you can help me in other ways.  There is a place at the bridge where watchers are not allowed to fish from anymore.  In that place you will find very small likenesses of buffalo.  Get one and take it back to your supervisor so that watcher can display it in their office.  Instruct everyone that works for that person to remember my fate and keep me in their thoughts and prayers.  Perhaps the Creator of all will have mercy on my plight and assist my survival through the coming months and years.  That is all that I am asking of you.”

I pondered his instructions for an instant before responding to his request.  “Yes, yes I can do that.  Should I give your likeness your name?”

“Yes.”  The calf replied.  “That way you and your fellow watchers will have your thoughts focused on me.  My name is Tar Eye Pad Eye La.  I was named after a famous range manager among you watchers.”

I told the buffalo goodbye and started heading on down the hill when he hollered at me.
“Wait!”  The buffalo commanded.  “I have one final request.  Could you scratch my ear?”
I walked back over to the calf and began scratching his ears.  The calf gave a short, low grunt of contentment as I scratched and then spoke again to me.

“You are not as good at scratching as Yohanan, but pretty good you are.  Thank you and thank you for fulfilling my humble request!”