Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Covid19 and the Eye of the Storm

We are co-creators of this reality with the One Creator.  The world has become so polarized between Love and Hate, Conservative and Liberal, Blessings and Curses, Heaven and Hell; that our current reality is literally fracturing into two time lines.  We are witnessing a separation into two very different realities.  Those filled with hate have chosen to stay behind in the current downward spiraling 3-dimensional reality.  Their hate is demonstrated by the self-destructive decisions they make and support for our country and humanity.  For example, why would anyone make it illegal to treat Covid19 patients with anti-malaria drugs when there is evidence that it may help?  Yet several States (Michigan and Nevada) have done just that.  Because of their desire for self-destruction, many on the internet conspiracy forums actually want doom and desire to be trapped in this hell. They are very easily spotted by the negativity of their behavior.  They name call, denigrate, use profanity, promote lies and fear to draw others into their Hellish reality. 

At the same time, those filled with love are finding it more and more difficult to function in the current reality so filled with hate and animosity.  They offer facts and advice out of love and are met with the hateful behavior of their polar opposites.

The Creator is one. He is throughout everything and everyone in the universe. He sustains all. Those that are selfish and hateful separate themselves from His love and become self-destructive because they hate both the Creator and themselves. Those that are filled with love become more unified with the One and His creation. They do His will and bring his love into this reality. They go within and find His oneness and His love always.

The chosen reality we enter is up to each individual.  Will you reject fear and hate to choose love and unity for your spiritual evolution?  Or will your current enjoyment of fear and hate keep you imprisoned in your current reality?

There was information posted on the forum called godlikeproductions which was applicable to the decisions each of us are facing during these difficult times.  Whether it is actually channeled information or not is irrelevant as the information itself is what is most relevant to think about.  The following December 2019 transmission from the channel Bashar who emphasized the importance for us to remain in the eye of the storm, and also emphasized what a pivotal year this would be and that we are crossing a threshold. Here's a quote from the session:

“What’s coming up is very important, in terms of your timing. We have said, that your year of 2020 is a pivotal point in what you call your history. You are shifting through a very particular moment. Crossing a very particular threshold. And so, at this timing, it is important for certain states of being to be paramount within you - to help you through this time – to help you cross that threshold – in a positive and constructive manner. For what comes after, will be predicated very strongly on what you do and who you are in 2020 … we would like each and every one of you to know how important it is for you to truly be yourselves in the coming year. How important it will be for you to make decisions that are in alignment with your best discernment. How important it will be and how important it is for you to remain at the center of the storm. Because, if I may use some of your colloquial language, 2020 is going to be NUTS. It’s going to be crazy. And it is of paramount importance that you remain, if you wish to be on a certain train, in the eye of the storm where it’s calm. Where peace and solitude reign. Where even though you may see the storm raging all around you, swirling around you, thundering and lightening all around you, it is more important than ever before, and more important than it will be for quite a long time, during this crossing, during this threshold, during this pivotal year, to be at peace within yourself, to be calm within yourself, to be centered within the eye of the storm ...”

So, choose wisely, choose love and oneness with the Creator.  Manifest Heaven.  A world without evil.  A world without sickness and death.  A world full of possibilities.  A world of freedom!

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