Saturday, September 11, 2021

Anamchara: The Power Broken


After the great battle concluded, those that knew Eli and Desiree assumed that they had been killed when their flying ship broke into pieces and disappeared into the ocean depths.  But somehow they were transported back to the realm of King Magni through a portal.  After being welcome by King Magni, the couple decide to take some time and relax in Magni's kingdom.  However, their rest is brief as Magni sends Eli and Desiree off world to two different planets on urgent missions.  Eli is tasked with rescuing Magni's mother from being imprisoned by Magni's half-brother Modi.  Desiree is assigned to return to active duty with the earth forces embroiled in a civil war among the Martians.  Soon they discover things are not what they appear to be and they question who can be trusted and even question if they can trust one another?  Will their bond be broken or will their love be strong enough to survive the trials that they confront?  The fate of three worlds hinges on the outcome.