Friday, February 15, 2013

Truth is Truth

In my efforts to follow the Almighty, I searched for the Hebraic roots of my Christian faith.  I started attending a Messianic/Jewish congregation.  I also read articles by various Pastors and Rabbis.  I had discussions with Jews, Catholics, Protestants, and Mormons.  What I discovered in this search is that truth is truth.  When you find it, it rings true in the depths of your heart and soul.  You can find it in many places.  None of us have a lock on all truth.  A person that believes that they completely understand God’s Word (The Bible) and have all truth is arrogant and is putting themselves above the Almighty.  This arrogance gets in the way of discovering real truth.  That is one of the reasons God hates pride and arrogance.  Pharaoh in ancient Egypt was arrogant and proud and refused to hear God’s words.  In contrast, Moses was described in the Bible as the most humble man that ever lived and he was able to hear God’s truth face to face.

Only God has ultimate truth.  Man and man’s systems are filled with delusion and lies.  The question each person needs to address is “Are we depending on God or Man?”  God desires us to search for Him and His truth as we walk through life on our individual spiritual journeys.  God has hidden Himself purposefully waiting for us to find Him.  He wants us to discover His truth and to set us free from the shackles of lies that we have been taught.  Following man’s ways are false and lead to destruction.

God is everywhere and in everything.  He is in his word, the Bible.  He is in the nature all around us.  He is in subtle messages in books and movies.  Absolutely everything in this world is His effort at speaking to us and bringing us to Himself.  Even the evil we encounter in everyday life is a tool God uses to help us return to Him.  We need to only open our eyes to see and our ears to hear God’s message. 

Rabbi Ariel bar Tzadok at is a teacher that I learn lots from.  He often quotes a statement in the sci-fi movie Dune which says “The Sleeper must awaken!”  We have to wake up to God’s messages all around.  We must awaken from the slumber that man’s world of lies has infected us with.  As Rabbi Ariel says, it is only by observing God in everything as we spiritually travel within ourselves that we connect with the Almighty and His truth.

Shabbat Shalom, May your Sabbath be restful and filled with true peace that only God can give!


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