Friday, February 8, 2013

Greater Israel is the Final Solution

God’s ultimate plan is to establish all the tribes of Israel back into the land that He promised Abraham. The promise went from the Nile in Egypt all the way to the Euphrates River in modern day Iraq. It is what I would call God’s “One State Solution” in contrast to the world’s desire for a “Two State Solution”. God brought the tribe of Judah (the Jews) back into the land to prepare the way for the returning exiles (the lost 10 tribes along with the rest of Judah). According to scripture, the messiah’s role is to gather the lost 10 tribes and bring them back to the land promised to Abraham. The end result will be the Restored and United Kingdom of God that includes all the tribes of Israel. This is taught in both Judaism and Christianity.
In looking at the big picture, these two religious groups only differ on who the Messiah is. Christians believe the Messiah to be the paganized Yashua who is today called Jesus. Most Jews reject that view. However, Jews do teach of 2 messiahs. The Messiah son of Joseph starts the kingdom restoration work and then dies for his people while the Messiah son of David brings the lost 10 tribes back to the Promised Land to complete the restoration of the kingdom.
A look at historical events in conjunction with the modern day phenomenon of Hebraic restoration seems to indicate that Jesus (Yashua) was the Messiah son of Joseph that God used to reach out to the lost tribes and bring them back to Himself and His Torah. A segment of Christians have been awakened to a love for Torah and the Jewish people. Many even have an intense desire to return to Israel and be accepted by Judah. However, they are many obstacles in the way of God’s two great houses (Israel and Judah) reconciling. Returning 10 tribers are lame to walking the path of Torah while Judah is blinded to the role of the Christian messiah in bringing the lost sheep of Israel back to God and Torah. The only thing that will bridge these differences is the love of God and the love of brothers one for another. All the brothers need to love God and love one another enough to put their theological differences aside. Love is the key that will establish Greater Israel (God’s Kingdom) and implement the final solution for peace! If God’s people don’t make progress towards reconciliation, then the evil in the world will continue to grow and eventually force His people to come together.

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