Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Evil that is quickly coming upon us

Some of God’s people in America are awake and see the Evil that is coming upon our country.  However, most people are still asleep.  Half of people of the US have their faith not in God, but in man.  They demonstrated this lack of faith in God by re-electing our current president and his philosophy of a government big enough to take care of everyone’s needs.  Personal responsibility and freedom are quickly disappearing.  Our citizens are willingly giving up their rights for the promise of Peace and Security. 

This is the path to destruction for all those that follow man’s delusion and lies instead of God’s truth.    We all have a choice:  Do we follow after man or do we follow after God?  In making this choice, the country is becoming more polarized as the sheep and goats are being separated for harvest.  It is all part of the preparation for God’s judgment.  A time when evil will vanish and the righteous sheep will remain.

As Rabbi Ariel at www.kosehertorah.com says “The Sleeper must awaken!”  We must open our eyes from our slumber and “Choose wisely” the path that we take.  Eternity lies in the balance.  Pay attention to God’s voice.  Learn how to recognize it and let it direct your path now so that you will be able to follow God’s directions in the difficulties that lie ahead.  If you live in a blue state that embraces the progressive, liberal agenda, be prepared for God’s judgment all around you.  Flee from the big cities to rural areas when things start going from bad to worse.

Those stricken with judgment will explain it away, but those that see the Hand of God will know the truth.  God is in nature and uses it for His purposes.  Those blind to God and His truth will not recognize judgment when it arrives.  Listen to God’s words and then see with your eyes and hear with your ears what the Almighty is doing!

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