Monday, February 18, 2013

The voice of the turtle dove

Kol HaTor is Hebrew for the “Voice of the turtle dove”.  According to Wikipedia, “The Voice of the Turtledove" (a reference to Song of Songs 2:12) was written by Rabbi Hillel Rivlin of Shklov a disciple of the Vilna Gaon.  The text deals with the Time of Redemption and describes its signs by an evaluation of a proposed 999 footsteps of the Messiah’s arrival.  The Vilna Gaon believed the number 999 to be intrinsically connected to the idea of Messiah ben Joseph.  It was first published in Hebrew by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Kasher in 1968 to whom the book was passed down over the generations.

In Israel, there is also a group called Kolhator.   The leadership of the group consists of Rabbi Avraham Feld and OvadYah Avrahami.  I am an associate member of this group and believe it is laying the foundation for major events that are soon to unfold regarding the return of God’s people to the Promised Land.

Their website at  states that they are dedicated to “The regathering and rebirth of re-united 12-tribed Israel as foretold 3,000 years in advance in the Bible”.    This Event, according to hints given in the Bible, is to take place when the "Voice of the Turtle Dove" (Kol HaTor) is discerned.  The main theme of prophecy throughout the Bible entails the return of God’s exiled people from where they have been scattered to form His restored Kingdom to the land promised to Abraham – Greater Israel.

The return of Jews to their Homeland in 1948, after 2000 years of exile and persecution amongst the nations was the first stage of this great Miracle.  KolHaTor, the voice of the turtle dove, announces the national formation of the re-identifying 'other House of Israel' consisting of 10 'Lost' Tribes, exiled and dispersed among the nations of the entire world for the last 2800 years!  The Bible foretold their Return also, as part of the Redemption Plan. 

The Hebraic restoration movement is one evidence that we are in the early stages of the Lost 10 Tribes discovering who they are in preparation for the miraculous return to join our brother Judah!  The Voice of the Turtle Dove is in the wind.  Have you heard the soft, sweet voice of the turtle dove as God calls you home to His land?  Will you recognize the open door as God separates the waters to facilitate our exodus?

It likely will not happen as we anticipate.  Our theological training has placed blinders on our eyes so that many cannot see what the Almighty is doing.  Scripture is clear that the second Exodus of God’s people will be so miraculous that it dwarfs the first exodus.  God is destroying His enemies and will continue to do so as Greater Israel is expanded to facilitate the return of the exiles.


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