Saturday, March 23, 2013

When is the End?

People that have eyes to see and ears to hear inherently know that this world is an illusion and that our current reality will end at some point in time.  There is much speculation and date setting as to when the end will come.  There is a growing sense the end is close as we watch world events unfold to fulfill Bible prophecy before our eyes.  However, nobody really knows the final date except the Creator Himself.  The Bible states that even God’s angels do not know the date of the end.  It is a closely guarded secret by the One who is above everything.  However, there are and will be many dates that come and go which are significant in the end time’s process.  March 22, 2013 may be one of those dates and I am sure that there will be other dates in the future as there is still much that is prophesied to yet occur.  As with most things in prophecy, we don’t see the fulfillment clearly until it is either happening or has already been fulfilled.  People speculate, argue, and debate the dates while looking through a glass darkly trying to peer into the future.

In the Bible we are told to watch and to prepare.  Part of watching involves understanding what the Bible says and then speculating on possible watch dates.  It helps us to keep things in perspective and gives a sense of urgency in the necessary preparation.  Physical preparations are important, but spiritual preparations are the most critical in order to be ready for the end date when it finally comes. 

We are all at different stages of readiness.  Some are awake while most are asleep.  Those that are awake are like Neo in the movie the Matrix, desperately trying to figure things out and escape the illusionary world we are captive to.  In order to escape, we need a survival guide to the universe.  The universe survival guide for both living in this world as well as escaping it are all contained in God’s words given to us in the Bible.  Read it carefully and meditate on it continually!  It contains the required instructions for life both in this world and the world to come.

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