Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Coming War

There is a war that is raging is behind the scenes.  It is between good and evil.  It is between godly love and satanic hatred.  There are many voices around the planet talking  about the war.  Folks like Bill 0’reilly and Glenn Beck who describe the culture war between traditional values and progressives.  Good people feel the evil that is coming upon us.  They see evil all around as decency and common sense are becoming rare commodities. 

Part of evil’s plan is to get good people attacking each other instead of seeing the real enemy.  When I frequent internet sites, I am shocked by the labeling and hatred that I sometimes come across.  It is mostly one religious group saying derogatory statements about another group or member of another group.  A recent example I can point out is the well-known radio, television, and internet personality Glenn Beck.  I have heard Christians call him the Anti-Christ and point to his Mormon theology.  I have heard Jews critical of him for the same reason.  Both groups caution their followers to be wary of Glenn, a potential wolf in sheep’s clothes.  They say he says good things but has evil intentions based on their view of his Mormon theology.

I have lived in Utah for 25 years as a non-Mormon. I have close friends that are Mormon and they are good people that love God.  I may not agree with their theology, but I know that they are good people with good values.  So to me it is clear who Glenn Beck is.  He is a man that is standing up for truth.  He loves God, his country, and fellow man.  He is doing everything he can to wake people up to what is going on all around.   

He is trying to wake us up and show us where the evil is and who the real enemies of God are.  They are the intolerant ones that are filled with hate and want to kill everyone not like themselves.  They hate anything godly and focus their hatred on Bible-believing people (both Christians and Jews).  They have a global agenda and want a global government.  They want to control us and eradicate our freedoms, especially our freedom to worship God as we see fit.  They are an unholy alliance of haters, both non-religious and religious in contrast to God’s people that are identified by God’s love!

We need more Glenn Becks!  We need more people that will shine forth God’s love and truth against the evil that is growing.  We need to quit arguing about theological differences and stand with God and all God’s people for truth, freedom, and what is right. 

The emphasis in God’s word is on action.  The Hebrew word for love is Ahava and it is a verb, not a noun.  We demonstrate our love and faith by what we do.  Most God fearing people believe in God and his word.  We just differ on the interpretation of God’s word which leads to theological differences.  These theological differences don’t really matter when it comes to the Greater War between good and evil.  A war that is about to break out full force soon.  A war that will mean life and death!  We should choose wisely who we demonize for if God’s people demonize each other we will surely lose the battle and die!  Seek God’s guidance to recognize truth where ever it comes from!  It is easily identified by love and not hatred!  When the war explodes in full force, you will need to be on the side of truth and God even if it means that you will be fighting for truth alongside of people with different theological views than your own.

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