Sunday, March 3, 2013

Soul Mazal – Your name is your destiny

Your parents did not name you.  God did and he has encoded your potential destiny in your name.  My name is Daniel bar Zohar in Hebrew.   Daniel bar Zohar = Daniel son of Zohar.  My father’s name is Hobart which in Hebrew translates to Zohar.   I discovered that by having a name analysis done by Rabbi David Katz in Israel.  His website at offers the information on name analyses as well as other resources that are available. 

Rabbi Katz initially did a name reading for me where he was able to reveal the essence of who I am even without knowing me or ever meeting me.  I followed the name reading up by requesting an in depth analysis based on finding my name encoded in the Torah reading at the time of my birth.  Rabbi Katz discovered my name encoded in the Numbers 8:1-2 where I was again astounded by the mission and focus that was revealed for my life in that portion of scripture. All of the information echoed truth to who I am, the major challenges I face, and what I need to work on to accomplish God’s will for my life!  It confirmed that my spiritual journey is on track in the search for absolute truth in connecting with my Creator.  It also emphasized that being honest and true to myself was critical in elevating my soul to reflect God’s divine light to those around me. In short, the analysis revealed my spiritual path and inspired me to stay the course with additional effort!  I am so thankful for the information and blessing that Rabbi Katz’s in depth analysis provided me based on discovering my name in the Torah! 

What is the destiny that your name reveals?  It is who you are and who you could become.  It is the potential God has written on you with the name that He gave you.

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