Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A legendary story of Abraham’ early years

In ancient times there was a man who was different from most.  He had an intuitive sense that allowed him to see beyond the physical realm into the spiritual one.  He could see evidence of a Creator God in all that he observed around himself.  He believed in this Creator and was able to connect with Him on a spiritual level.  He learned right from wrong by following his spiritual guide.  As he walked his allotted path through life, his belief in the god with no name and faith increased with each passing year.  His growing faith was put to the test when one day his father asked him to watch their craft store while he ran some errands.  His father made idols out of metal and wood.  Some were simple while others were more elaborate and the prices offered tiered to their complexity.

As the man pondered his newly acquired belief in one creator of all, he sat looking at the various gods of wood and stone.  A soft voice deep inside his mind, similar to a dove cooing softly, whispered to him, “What of these gods of wood and stone?  What should be done?”

Immediately the answer was clear!  “They are not gods, but mere wood and stone objects made by hand”, he thought in his mind.  So he picked up the largest of the gods and smashed them all!

Again the voice of the dove whispered to his mind, “Well done my son!”

When his father returned he surveyed all the smashed idols and inquired of his son, “Who did this?  Who destroyed all my handiwork?”

His son replied, “It was the large one there!  He did it.  He smashed all the others and damaged himself in the process!”

His father’s anger intensified as he yelled “They are just made of wood and stone!  They cannot do anything!”

The young man, with a wise smile upon his face replied, “Exactly!”

Several days later the young man loaded his belongings and left home.  He headed west following his pioneering instincts and that soft voice of the dove.  He was eager to follow the Creator of all, the God with no name, into the unknown.  He mostly wandered all his years and had great adventures as recorded in the Bible.  His biggest adventures, however, were to come through his descendants.  Some of them had the same spiritual gift that he did and some did not.  Those that did, found the God with no name and walked with him like their father had and did things even greater than their ancestor, for they had become tribes of clay, to be molded and used for the Creator’s purposes and for His glory.  All of this man’s offspring were special in the Creator’s eyes because they were clay that had vast potential to be developed and used.  Those that discovered their spiritual eyes and found their Creator were lights for those around.


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